The Week’s Links: Jan. 26 – Feb. 1, 2015

A Tokyo backstreet.

A review of author Jonathan Clements’ new book, “Modern Japan: All That Matters,” expounds upon the foreign relations problem between Japan and the rest of East Asia regarding the issue of Japan’s unwillingness to make atonement for war crimes committed in WWII.

RocketNews24 shares a whole series of fun Japanese cultural educational videos that just came out recently from Movie Life Kyoto. The series educates viewers on some of the ins and outs of dining/drinking in an izakaya.

The mummified remains of a Buddhist monk were found in Mongolia this week. The amazingly well-preserved 200-year-old body was in surprisingly good condition and was found seated in lotus position!

Sadly, the Japanese hostage crisis takes another tragic turn as the Islamic State releases a video that appears to depict the execution of the second hostage, Kenji Goto. The authenticity of the video is, as always, in question, but that is little solace to the indignant Japanese government.

Finally, a friend of mine introduced me to this cool photography blog featuring photos taken in and around Tokyo. I think Tokyo is the most fascinating city in the world, and I would love to make exploring it my life’s purpose–no joke–so I love blogs like this.


The Week’s Links: Jan. 19-25, 2015

The two Japanese hostages, Kenji Goto, and Haruna Yukawa, reportedly being held by Islamic State militants.

The week got off to a shocking start as the Islamic State (IS) released a video threatening to execute two Japanese citizens unless the government of Japan pays a $200 million ransom, citing Japan’s monetary support for Western efforts against the IS in the region.

Later, the authenticity of the IS hostage video is called into question as the clock was ticking for the two Japanese citizens being held hostage. IS claimed it doesn’t need the money, and Prime Minister Abe demanded the release of the hostages.

A new video was released on Saturday showing a still photo of hostage Kenji Goto holding an image of what appears to be the slain body of the other hostage, Haruna Yukawa. In the video, the captors revised their demands stating now that they no longer want any money, only a prisoner swap; Goto’s life for the sister of one of their members who was captured after a terrorist attack in Jordan in 2005. The authenticity of the video is in question.

A BBC report on the United States’ solidarity with Japan in this issue includes an insightful analysis of the general reaction of the Japanese public to the crisis , saying that public sympathy for the men has been “muted,” and that, “Of course, most Japanese people feel horror at the death of Mr. Yukawa and sympathy for the terrifying situation Mr. Goto is now in. But there is also irritation that [the two] have dragged Japan in to this almost impossible situation.”

In other news, the Economist reports (video) on the rapidly aging population of South Korea, a situation that is very similar to and, according to this video, even more acute than in Japan.

And speaking of the rapidly aging population in Japan, more bad news as a survey by the Japan Family Planning Association reports that almost 50% of respondents claim that they are not having any sex. That’s not only bad for the fertility rate, but in this author’s opinion, for the human spirit as well. Come on, folks! Do a little dance, make a little love!

Finally, and to lighten the mood a little, RocketNews24 shares Canadian expat’s nicely done video of his adventures in Japan. I keep seeing videos like this one pop up every once in a while, but it never gets old. Give it a watch, and wish you were there.